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How she makes a man happy

Remember when reading this blog post: I do not proofread my blog posts. However, all my books are proofread by a professional.

I really doubted for a long time that Den Enda was written by a man. So surprised I was when I discovered that it was so. So Mr. Author, based on the fact that you are a man, how should I do, and be (!), to make a man happy?

I get a lot of questions about my books and the topics in them. The above is not entirely unusual, albeit very straight to the point. The best answer to give would obviously have been: "It's not your job to make anyone happy." I could also have answered: "Be yourself, and the right man will be, and probably remain, happy in your company.

However, I chose to respond by giving her seven randomly selected qualities in a woman that I believe will make a man happy, and that I believe will have a profound impact on his life.

  1. Her laugh

  2. Her passion for life

  3. Her humor

  4. Her privacy

  5. Her humility

  6. Her loyalty

  7. Her curiosity

When you read the above seven points, don't just read the word. Because in loyalty there is also respect and honesty. In integrity there is also self-respect. In humor there is also lightness. Lust for life also includes spontaneity and good health. In curiosity there is also sex drive. In laughter there is also joy and warmth. Plus laughter prolongs life, they say. So add that too.

The beauty of the above points is this: The ravages of time do not affect them. No matter how thin a man's hair becomes or how much a woman's breasts hang, time cannot destroy someone's laughter, zest for life, humor, integrity, humility, loyalty and curiosity. Think about it.

WARNING: You only need to read the following if the above has irritated you. Otherwise not. ❤️

(If you read everything and now sit annoyed and want to write: "It's not like that for everyone!" allow me in all humility to write this: My dear, what are you doing here? If you lack the ability to think simultaneously as you read, what the hell are you doing here? It goes without saying that: 1. This is my opinion. If I wanted yours, I'd follow you or ask you. 2. I write "with a woman" and "his life" . One is singular. Singular. I could have written: "1. Give him a blow job. 2. Cook him a good meal. 3. Shut the fuck up. And that's it!" Because for some men, unfortunately, that's how they wish to have it, that according to a clip I saw. Or unfortunately and unfortunately, maybe there is some woman who thinks that would be great for her. What do I know. Fortunately, we are different.)

Thank you for your time! 🙏

Daniel Mendoza

PS Autumn is outside and wants to come in. The time for lit candles, for cozying up on the sofa with a blanket around you has come. So why not take the opportunity to buy my trilogy? I guarantee you that you will be folding in the corners of many pages because you want to return to paragraphs in them. Take a look at this about The One. Isn't it magical? Ds

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