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The Care of Love 
- A journey like no other

"Daniel's retreat is like coming home, a place that feels welcomed and warm. Daniel has an ability to meet people in a personal way and to touch with what he conveys. Already booked the next retreat in 2021”

Anna-Karin, Mallorca, February 2020

"A fantastic trip where everything from the food and accommodation to all the meetings and conversations was imbued with care. I enjoyed the beautiful views, the good food and all the inspiring talks and lectures. I also gained a different, deeper relationship with the book Den Enda after I got to experience several of the locations where the story takes place. A simply wonderful trip!"

Tamás, Majorca February 2020

Come as you are, be who you are! ❤️

If you need to boost your faith in the future and your trust in people and at the same time get the opportunity to rest body and soul, without a lot of demands and musts, without having to focus on all the world's problems, this trip is -The Care of Love– one you need to do.

 Daniel's retreats are suitable for those who need to pause life for a few days and take new physical and spiritual breaths. Maybe the days at the retreat can be the last piece of the puzzle you need for the start of something new in your life, maybe they can be the end of something else. Whatever your reasons for joining, Daniel and his colleagues make sure to give you a few magical days on the most beautiful of islands.

Daniel's goal is that you as a guest feel that you have come to a beautiful oasis where you can release your mental and physical stress, your needs and demands, and just be. Therefore, he is careful that the days during the retreat are not packed with activities, and those that are are completely voluntary. Therefore, he is also the one who picks up and leaves at the airport.The Care of Love is an oasis where the lectures and conversations are about love, about the beauty in life, about nice relationships and how to create them, about positive things that happen in the world, about the gift life is and how we can do to become more present in it and enjoy it more, and much more that is balm for the soul. An oasis where every piece of the puzzle, such as the food that is prepared, the house you live in and its surroundings, the places you visit, the musicians who perform for you, guest speakers and much more, is chosen with the greatest possible care for your well-being.


DuringThe Care of Love  no other requirements are placed on the guests than that they be friendly, respectful and loving towards each other. The focus is to soak up the beauty you get to experience and to give space to kindness, hope and faith in the future. So that's why Daniel is careful to ask every guest to leave pessimism and judgment at home. 

Four days on a beautiful island may not change a person's life. However, they can enrich it. So come, drop your heavy mental suitcase for a few days and let Daniel and his colleagues take good care of you. 


Browse below between every retreat to get more information about them. 


Maria Eklund
- Sweden 2018

In a simple and beautiful way, a space was created for an existential encounter with myself and others. But the answers came before I could even formulate the question clearly. Lovely, relaxed and loving! ❤

Susanne Tenselius
- Mallorca 2020

I absolutely love Mallorca since before but for me this was the first time on a retreat. I came home a calmer and happier version of myself. So fascinated by how such a motley group of people can find this group dynamic and closeness in just a couple of days. To experience the joy in our differences and create bonds through unconditional conversations!
Daniel's way of meeting each participant at their level and introducing/presenting them to the group is fantastic. Just being picked up and dropped off at the airport provides security.
Caring, respect, balance and voluntary participation permeate the entire event. The vegan food was magical and the biodynamically grown wine from the winery we visited equally so. But the best were the meetings, the conversations and the calm. Thank you Daniel for a nice experience.

Kristove Sanchez Rueda
- Mallorca 2017

The Care of Love was a wonderful time for me to be able to be myself in my heart. From the first moment when we saw each other, there was the open love of everyone, which meant that we immediately met where we were. The conversations were developing and loving in the deepest ways. The low-key conversations were mixed with laughter and joy and the love was always there. I have really made friends for life with this trip. Friends who have their hearts in the right place. Thanks Daniel!

Daniela Balan
- Mallorca 2020

"I have never been on a retreat, so I rather had no definition of what a retreat should be. Now I have, and it is hard to beat! The freedom to participate or not in the offered program, the freedom to be yourself, the location close to all the elements of nature, in a climate that gives the body freedom to rest, and not least the geographical location that forces the brain to let go of control over what happens at home, everything contributed to my experience of an oasis. I ended up for a few days in another dimension, isolated from everything "must", everything "should" and everything "should". Where the eyes, the brain, the body, the soul could rest. It was the first time in my life that I reached such a deep stillness! Thank you so much for the opportunity !" -Daniela, retreat February 2020

Karolina Olsson
- Majorca 2016

The place, the food, the people. The moments, the laughter, the warmth, the unconditional love. Between humans. Some experiences are just felt. And stays forever. In soul and heart. Forever.

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