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Daniel Mendoza


Photo: Elisa Enríquez

Daniel Mendoza. An accomplished entrepreneur, founder of SwedishGood News Magazineand author ofThe One. And with a background that is everything but ordinary.

Daniel Mendoza was born in 1972 in Uruguay at a time when the country was governed by

the military. Daniel's parents were peasants. His early days started as a refugee from Uruguay, fleeing with his family at the age of six. After some years spent on the run in refugee camps in Paraguay and Brazil, he came to Sweden, at the age of nine. Witnessing cruelty up close, having abusive parents, and his father ending his life when Daniel was 17, violence and insecurity has been a constant part of his youth.

After almost killing a man in a knife fight, Daniel decided to choose another path in life. 

Determined to turn things around and leave a dark life behind, he studied at Stockholm School of Economics and started to work in the financial sector as investment manager and credit specialist. There he remained for ten years, before he made a leap and took a life-changing decision, convinced that the world needed to be counterbalanced, wanting to try to counter all_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_negative forces with kindness and goodness. In 2010 he founded Good News Magazine, with the goal to spread optimism and belief in the future.


In 2015 he published his first novel,The One. The book reached first place at Sweden's largest retailer. 

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