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But if it was a trip to the Maldives...

You come home after a day at work and feel completely exhausted. The energy to cook, to play with the children, to exercise, to do anything other than land on the sofa is not there. "I'm so exhausted." "It was tough as hell today." "I can't stand anything." You say it to yourself and tell others about it.

Your loved one, who cares about you, asks you if you are going for a walk as fresh air can be beneficial. But no, you know nothing works when you're so tired. You just want to sleep. You recognize the fatigue.

This is what the "fatigue program" looks like. Your body moves according to established patterns. Presumably the ones someone taught you to repeat. And you have become a champion. Your body repeats what it knows. Your voice sounds tired. Your eyes look tired. Your gestures are slow. Everything follows old patterns.

The fatigue program. I call it that.

Now play with the idea that you are going through the above and the doorbell rings. With the last of your strength, you get up from the sofa and drag your feet behind you to the door. Outside is your boss. In his hand, he has plane tickets to the Maldives, where you always wanted to travel. The tickets are for you and your family. You will stay in a five-star hotel for three weeks. Everything is paid. You don't lose money and you don't fall behind on work. All you have to do is pack and then get into the taxi standing outside waiting to drive you to the airport. Your family, who knew everything for a few weeks, has already had time to pack. You realize it's real.

Because that's how it is, dear readers, we shouldn't live to work, we should work to live.

Now answer this: Will you turn down the opportunity? Will you tell your boss and family that you are exhausted and can't do anything? Will you be so tired, so exhausted or can you suddenly feel like you can take anything? And if you can, what has changed? More importantly, if that opportunity gives you a lot of positive energy, makes you suddenly have a lot more energy, why don't you feel the same energy from coming home to those you love and who love you? Why can't that love, which is a million times greater than a trip in a few days, make you get up off the sofa and, for example, take a walk with your loved one?

Now interpret what I write correctly. I'm not writing that you can't be tired, that you can't feel completely exhausted. You can and certainly with every right. What I want to highlight is that many times we reinforce what we really are not or need to be. It can apply to fatigue, fear, hunger, energy, it can even apply the feelings to someone. That we go on autopilot when we don't really need to. And in that I want to raise a finger of warning. Why do I want it? Because many end up in destructive patterns that limit them and their lives, that wear on their bodies and that steal from them joy, curiosity, zest for life and more. Their lives become gray and boring, when it could be the opposite.

Because that's how it is, dear readers, we shouldn't live to work, we should work to live. So if by breaking established patterns, so-called programming, can contribute to us getting a few extra hours of happiness, joy, enjoyment, exercise, etc. every week. aren't they reason enough to examine yourself and ask yourself the question: Am I really that tired or is it just the fatigue program that has kicked in and is now running on autopilot?

With consideration,

Daniel Mendoza

Photo of my oldest son.

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