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Rare butterflies always find a home
  • Rare butterflies always find a home

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    Rare butterflies always find a homeis the last part in Daniel Mendoza's trilogyThe only.

    Rare butterflies always find a home  has its beginnings in the coastal areas of northeastern Catalonia in 1599 where the former soldier and assassin Rafael Francisco Del-Mar fights in his boat on a dark night to survive a storm. A journey that began in Florence, Italy. In this breathtaking story, you get to meet him and Adelina Maria De Laporte, the young woman who finds him badly wounded on a beach and chooses to save his life. Through the love that arises between them, several destinies begin to weave together and will later take you to 19th-century Spain, where Anaü and Rafael choose a path in life that a hundred years later leads to Elma and Nathaniel's move to Mallorca. But also to the meeting between him and Lea.


    The historical flashbacks Daniel makes i Rare butterflies always find a home  are meant to answer who Leah and Nathaniel are to each other. You will also get answers to who Elma was to Nathaniel and why their meeting was so important. What did he come to understand in his love for her? What is the history of the Eternal Lily and why did an assassin wear that particular symbol and the Latin phrase "Amor est vitae essentia” like tattoos?


    Rare butterflies always find a home true and deep love is what intertwines several lives and eras. Just like in previous books, you will be accompanied by a narrator throughout this book. And just like in previous books, poems are included. One such is the following:

    from the ocean

    the wind knocked on

    an invisible door of love

    in the fibers of a woman's

    broken heart

    in the cells of a man

    sorrow and pain

    the truth was hidden

    that in every breath

    they bore each other's names

    and tattooed in each other's souls

    forever was their name

    Swish: 123 268 24 33 (Soul II Blue AB)

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    • Product information

      Author: Daniel Mendoza
      Cover illustration: Yanella Ekman
      Proofreading: Erica Eklund, Script Consultant
      Language Swedish
      Released: 2021-10
      ISBN: 978-91-984489-6-2
      Publisher: Soul II Blue AB
      Edition: 1
      Number of pages: 350
      Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
      Printing house: Print in Baltic, JSC, Lithuania

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