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Retreat in Sweden 12-14 May
  • Retreat in Sweden 12-14 May

    Sales Tax Included

    It's finally time for a retreat in Sweden! 

    On May 12-14 we will meet for a weekend in the sign of hope and love. Treat yourself with the opportunity to participate in this retreat which will hopefully be a treat for the soul.

    Accommodation (shared room or shared cabin) and all food included. For those who want, there is also access to relaxation, a sauna and a hot tub, as well as canoes and a rowing boat up by the lake. Sheets and towels are included.

    The place is beautiful Tofvehult. Read more HERE.Located 2 miles south of Västervik. If you need to be picked up at the train station, I'll make sure to stand there and wait for you! 

    Number of guests: Only 10 st. Which is a sufficiently large group to be able to have good conversations (both in groups and individually). 

    Price: SEK 6,000 (the payment can be divided into three parts.If you want it, contact me before you book!)

    Food: A mixture of animal and vegetarian. The food is prepared by our hosts. ClickHEREto read more about their beautiful food philosophy. 

    The days (a schedule will be in place)

    Klockan 15 registration and afterwards coffee. When all the guests are in place, we will take a joint walk in the surroundings. In the evening it is dinner and afterwards I will read aloud from my books and share thoughts about life, love and relationships. Hopefully we'll have a nice conversation that will give us new angles and perspectives. 

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner
    Activities: Lecture and workshop with a focus on personal development (attitude, strengthening of self-esteem and how to create a good relationship with yourself and others) in the morning. After lunch there will be time for individual coaching conversations (30 min pp) with me. We end the evening again with reading aloud by the kakelung or, weather permitting, outdoors by a campfire, and with open conversations about love and life._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

    Meals: Breakfast and lunch
    Activities: After breakfast lecture with the aim of boosting hope and faith in the future. After lunch time for individual coach calls (30 min pp).

    Before 16.00 on Sunday we say goodbye to each other. 

    Remember: Treating yourself to the beautiful, taking care of your mental and physical health, is not selfishness. It is rather an obligation and a responsibility. Treat yourself to this. 

    “every step I take
    I take to feel good
    to get answers

    I'm never lost
    for the path I tread
    has always been my own"

    • Cancellation, special diet and other information

      Cancellation is possible up to and including 8 weeks from the retreat. After that, the registration is binding! Important! In the event of a cancellation, only 70 percent of the fee is refunded!

      Cancellation appliesNOTif you bought withEarly Birdor throughinstallment. However, you can transfer your seat to someone else. Contact Daniel and you will arrive at a good solution that will be good for all parties. 

      Canceled retreat 
      Retreat is canceled if there are fewer than five bookings. If this happens, the amount will be refunded in full and immediately. 

      Canceled retreat due to pandemic or similar
      In cases where the retreat cannot take place, for example due to new restrictions, the retreat will be moved forward. No refunds are allowed for such cases!

      Special diet
      Unfortunately, we cannot provide that service. However, our chef always takes allergies and other things into account. The goal of all Daniel's retreats is that there will always be a good variety of dishes and ingredients to suit everyone.

      The Package Travel Act
      According to the Swedish Consumer Agency, it should not apply to these retreats. If you still want to be sure, please contact them by clickingHERE!

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