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A Game With Simple Words - Poem Collection

A Game With Simple Words - Poem Collection

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A play on simple words, Daniel Mendoza's second collection of poems and the sequel toThe Voice of the Soul, is a celebration of creation and art. 

The title of the book is meant as a greeting to everyone who wants to create but doesn't dare. Those who limit themselves even though they could make the world a little more beautiful. The message of the book is: Dare to create. Do it for your own sake. Find your melody. And in time, others will also be able to hear it.

Some of the poems are:

it may seem
that simple lines
are insignificant
that beautiful phrases
are insufficient
that loving words
are meaningless
but if you knew
about how your hits
the magic they convey
and the love they ennoble
would never your fear
be what silences
and if you knew that
in my twilight
that in my dawn
When I am sleeping
and when i wake up
is it always you
that I miss


you are all i have
pain hold tight
don't let go
because if you do
and the memory dies
there is nothing left
of her and me
of whom we were
please pain
stay in my heart
don't want you to go
don't heal my wounds
I'm not strong enough
to confront
and accept
that love died

SWISH: 123 268 24 33 Soul II Blue AB
Alternatively Swish: 0702200945 (Daniel Mendoza)
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    Author: Daniel Mendoza
    Illustration: Yanella Ekman
    Language Swedish
    Issued: 2019-01
    ISBN: 978-91-984489-0-0
    Publisher: GNM Publishing Group AB
    Edition: 1
    Number of pages: 100
    Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
    Printing house: Print in Baltic, JSC, Lithuania



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