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The One (Part 1)
  • The One (Part 1)

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    “The Book of Daniel MendozaThe onlyis the most beautiful book about love I have ever read. I am 78 years old and have read many books about love. It is also beautiful on the outside and has a shape and weight when you hold it, which also contributes to the overall experience. I read the book straight through and was so fulfilled by the story/love story. It touched me on a level within myself that I have probably never experienced so strongly before. I think I got in touch with my own love for myself and for life. Also got a feeling of hope, joy and confidence for the future. Hard to describe in words, it felt big and still does.


    It wasn't an uncomplicated love story and that's precisely why it felt so true and genuine. How we have to work on ourselves and become whole before we can really get close to another person. I also want to come there one day.

    Enjoys Daniel's way of handling the Swedish language (as a former Swedish teacher). It feels as if Swedish has gained more words! I sense people's feelings, I see the colors and almost feel the scents in the surroundings he paints with his words. Also fascinated by Daniel's ability to write the story based on both the woman's and the man's experiences in such a believable way. I can read the poems between the chapters as many times as I want. So enjoyable, so rich in content.

    Have ordered the other books in the series as well. Thank you." - Margaretha Bruhn, September 7, 2022, Stockholm

    The above review onThe onlyand you can find almost 200 pcs atBooks!

    Could it be that some meetings are already scheduled? Could it be that destiny exists and that all we have to do to find home in someone else is to dare to follow our hearts?

    The only, the first part of the trilogy, has been called by readers the "love book of love books". The book is a unique love story about Elma Stjernfall and Nathaniel Laporte. He is a public figure in Sweden and she a woman who finds a home in his way of being and in his basic values. Fate brings them together in a meeting she never thought could take place and he always hoped one day to experience. A deep love arises between them but both must at the same time reconcile with the past before they can land in love for each other.

    The onlyis a book about soulful longing and a tribute to love and life. The book will make you long for the Swedish archipelago, for dinners in the company of good friends, but also for Mallorca's mountain villages and Palma's picturesque streets. Above all, it will give you hope for humanity and make you understand that love is something deeper than what we usually read about.

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    SKU: 0001

      Author: Daniel Mendoza
      Cover illustration: Yanella Ekman
      Language Swedish
      Issued: 2015-10
      ISBN: 9789163787188
      Publisher: GNM Publishing Group AB (now Soul II Blue AB)
      Edition: 4
      Number of pages: 364
      Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
      Printing house: Print in Baltic, JSC, Lithuania



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