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The Care of Love
  • The Care of Love

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    Daniel Mendoza, the former business student and bank clerk who founded the Swedish Good News Magazine, was born in Uruguay. After years on the run, he finally ended up in Sweden. Despite a very dark and violent childhood that followed him into adulthood, where he was also convicted of serious violent crimes, Daniel never gave up faith in the future and love. He finally managed to break free from his dark heritage and turn the negative experiences into something positive.

    In order to help others do the same, he wrote the soul biography (a word his one teenage son thought described the book better) The Care of Love. In the book which he initially wrote in collaboration with a psychologist and neurospecialist describer  d_Daniel_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_his journey from darkness to light. In it, he gives examples of events in his life that led him to, among other things, got claustrophobia, stage fright, was extremely jealous and completely lacked trust in others. He also gives examples of how he deliberately and methodically worked on himself to become free from everything.

    The Care of Loveis a book about coming to terms with the past, about forgiving and living in love.

    Do you suffer from phobias, jealousy or uncontrolled anger? Do you live in a relationship where you are belittled, mocked and/or constantly insulted? Or are you perhaps the one who hurts the one you love? Do you find it difficult to say no? Do you have difficulty seeing your own worth and believing in yourself? Have you lost faith in the future and humanity and much more? Or do you have daily contact with someone who matches any of that? If you can answer yes to any of the questions isThe Care of Lovee a book for you.

    WithThe Care of Love Daniel wants to give you one or more food for thought about your own behavior and that of others. Some certainly heavy to be confronted with, but in any case all the more necessary. The purpose of the book is to inspire and motivate you and show that it is possible to make up with your past and that much of the negative behavior and mental fatigue can have its source in, for example, the spiritual wounds of childhood.

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    SWISH: 123 268 24 33 Soul II Blue AB 
    Alternatively: 0702200945 (Daniel Mendoza)
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    SKU: 0002

      Format: Stapled (Flexband)
      Language Swedish
      Number of pages: 197
      Release date: 2019-06-01
      Edition: 1
      Publisher: GNM Publishing Group
      Dimensions: 205 x 157 x 16 mm
      Weight: 423 g

      ISBN: 9789198448917



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