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Pause the problem meter

Do you feel anxious? Are you worried about how your child will do at school? Are you worried about the climate? Are you worried about the future? Are you worried about how your pension will be? Are you concerned about your finances?

Pause the problem meter for a moment. While you are reading this. Pause it.

Now read the following and then do as it says in the points. That is, read all four points and then do so. Dare to try:1. Close your eyes2. Relax your muscles. Allow the shoulders to drop a little. Relax your fingers and toes. Do not tense the forehead bone. Relax. When you think you can't relax any more, you can relax some more.3. Now take many slow and deep breaths and exhale them slowly. Feel how they fill and empty your lungs. How they expand and recede. Feel how you connect with your body. Maybe for the first time in a long time.4. Do this for a few seconds and then return to this text.

I hope you did the above. Our bodies need such moments every day.

The problem meter you have is never automatically turned off. You therefore need to learn to turn it off. If you did what I wrote in the points above, you took control of yourself. You gave yourself a few seconds to rest, to breathe, to be. Your body needs it. You need it. If you did as I wrote above, you turned off the problem meter. Did it feel good?

Today, no matter what, I'm going to turn off the problem meter.

While you were doing it, everything that you consider to be a problem remained. Nothing changed. Nothing. What changed was you. Because you chose to take back control of yourself. You rallied. You in the whole you are rested.

Sweetheart, problems are not solved by magnifying them and they do not disappear by constantly walking and thinking about them. What is at risk of disappearing is the joy of life, the lust for life, the night's sleep, the security. In time, health begins to deteriorate. The body takes a beating. And then relationships. It's an evil pattern you need to learn to break.You, while I still have you here, why not try one day a week telling yourself the following: Today, no matter what, I'm going to turn off the problem meter. I have to trust that my brain works as it should and that it warns me if real danger arises. The problems I think I have will have to wait until tomorrow.And so you make sure you give yourself one day a week to focus inward instead of outward. You will not solve anything that you consider to be problems that need to be solved. However, you will have the strength to be able to do it the next day or the day after.

Just a tip of consideration.DanielPs. Now don't forget that many of my books, especially those on personal development, are available to buy for only SEK 100! Ds

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